Review: Pizza Amato, Toronto

The Pizza Amato on Yonge Street just south of College is what most would describe as a shit box. The owner has spent zero dollars on customer comfort. The place physically hurts your eyes to look at. The seats are cracked vinyl and while eating here I worried if I may be shot. Their pizzas are thin crust and I assume if they were coming hot out of the oven they would be a delight. I walked in mid day and all the slice options I was given had been sitting behind glass for God knows how long. I technically enjoyed a “reheated pizza lunch.” Amato’s offerings sit in the category, “better than Pizza Pizza not as good as Pizzaiolo.” If you are planning on enjoying a bit of Amato Pizza please do your date a favor and pick up take out.

I enjoyed:


Tomato Sauce, Mozarella, Hot Sopressata, Gorgonzola and roasted red peppers


Spinach, feta, ricotta and parmesan

#193 restaurant reviewed in Ontario since moving to Toronto in 2010. 

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