1 Girl 5 Gays 500 Fans LIVE

Last night I bolted from Social Media Day Toronto 2011’s event on Queen Street West to the MTV studios in Toronto for the long anticipated 1 Girl 5 Gays 500 Fans LIVE event. I arrived with my little silver sparkler VIP wristband an hour before the event started. There was a massive line of eager fans that stretched down the street and around the block. 500 lucky fans of the show would have an opportunity to meet their favorites gays in the same room (tres excite!)

Hosted by Aliya-Jasmine Sovani, 1 Girl 5 Gays 500 Fans, was a half-hour special featuring the entire cast of the show together for the first time on the same stage at the legendary Masonic Temple in front of 500 die-hard fans! The cast discussed the most memorable fights, laughs and tears as well as how the show has changed each of their lives forever. Fans had the opportunity to ask the cast their own questions about love, sex and pop-culture!

The energy in the room was intense. I was overwhelmed by the screaming (I was surrounded by tween girls with braces wearing rainbow, Lady Gaga BORN THIS WAY bracelets). It was funny as several of them were chatting about the cast before the show started and since I was sitting alone decided to correct them on a few details (16 year old girls think they know everything). I had my camera on me (obviously) so showed them a few pictures of my Pie Party which featured several of my friends in the cast. The girls nearly fainted (and one even wanted my Peanut Butter Pie recipe!) The producers of the show did a great job, the event was a grand success and the cast most certainly got an electric, goosebump inducing kick start to their PRIDE.

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