Review: 5th Elementt, Toronto

At 506 Queen Street West at the T-intersection on Portland Street sits 5th Elementt. This Indian restaurant provides a fine dining experience with a menu that features a few fusion twists. We visisted after work on one of the first truly hot and sunny days in Toronto (June 1st to be exact)! It was my first day working at my new job at Planeterra. All the more reason to celebrate!

The Samosa melt tasted as bizarre as it sounds. The pakora seasoned shrimp was a delight and both main dishes were accompanied by aromatic rice pilaf. I was most excited by the restaurants home made Naan. Typically Indian restaurants provide a chewy, thick and hard to tear product. At 5th Elementt we were pleasantly surprised that the naan was baked with a perfect dichotomy: crisp and fluff. Truly nothing better than a garlic naan dripping with oil all over your fingers that tears as easily as cotton candy at a summer carnival!

We enjoyed:


Garlic Naan

Prawn Pakoras

Chickpea battered prawn deep fried with mango dressing

Vegetable Samosa Melt

mozzarella cheese and basil tomato sauce

Mutter Paneer

spinach, cottage cheese and yogurt

Tandoori Butter Chicken

clay over roasted chicken cooked in creamy tomato sauce

#177 restaurant reviewed in Ontario since moving to Toronto in 2010. 

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