Creemore Springs urBock

The reason I truly love hosting house parties is for the treats that people leave behind. I had never purchased a can of Cave Springs Brewery UrBock but was pleased to sample it as it was sitting around in my fridge.

This brew is made in the tradition of the middle ages, when the best of the year’s hop and barley crops were used to brew ‘Bock’ for the noble class. Reserved for world class beer styles, the ‘ur’ prefix historically designates the best of an original style possessing the highest quality. Creemore Springs, brews a limited amount of this classic UrBock to celebrate the festive winter season.

A dark ruby colour with fine effervescence and lacy head, urBock has an aroma of caramel with nutty notes. Rich, creamy and deeply flavoured. Sweet caramel maltiness with subtle dark roasted flavours and a warming alcohol finish.

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