Review: Lick’s, Toronto

I recently trekked out to Toronto’s east end Beach’s hood to enjoy the sudden Spring sunshine and one of Canada’s favorite burger joints. Lick’s Homeburgers and Ice Cream was started by Denise Meehan as a hole in the wall ice cream shop in Oakville, Ontario. Equipped with a $5,000 loan, unlimited energy and ambition,  Denise launched the Lick’s phenomenon in 1980. When asked why she established Lick’s, Denise responded by saying:

“There are very few people that share my standards for service and quality in this industry. Too often, vast sums of money are spent on decor and advertising while neglecting staff development and customer concern.”

On my visit I was happy to be greeted by the hallmark Lick’s experience: lots of smiles, the classic Lick’s “we yell your order to the grill,” and the chance to nominate your favorite staff member of the day for best smile and customer service! McDonald’s may give away free smiles but Lick’s actually awards their employees for having the best smile day after day with prizes based on customer feedback. I like this motto muchly!

I enjoyed:


zucchini relish, “Guck” garlic mayo, pickles, lettuce, ketchup and mustard

French Fries


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