Summer in Victoria, British Columbia

I have been rummaging through the thousands of pictures stored on my external hard drive over the past few days. For some time I have been meaning to update my blog with experiences I had before the inception of Dobbernation. I start this series with a post on the capital of British Colombia, Victoria.

I flew from Toronto to Victoria in the summer of my second year of University. I was welcomed by my Aunt and her family who live just down the street from Clover Point in Victoria. I had organized a job working in Special Projects for the exclusive Union Club of British Colombia. I was excited to get a Taste for the West and enjoy my first extended period away from home. I can see this wanderlust now when I look at these old pictures. It is clear that my blogging instincts sort of sparked during my time here. With camera in hand I took pictures of everything I could on Vancouver Island during those few months. Everything that summer was new and I was determined to capture everything with my camera. The following summer I would begin my first endeavor into both photo journalism and food and travel when I backpacked through Europe.

As soon as I arrived to work in May I was sent on a mission to visit all of the cities top Afternoon Tea offerings. I would take notes on the cost, quality of service and food provided so that when I launched the Clubs first Afternoon Tea program we had properly assessed the competition. I organized my very first Cheese and Wine seminar in July for members with a local cheese monger and wine rep.  The following month I organized a Wine and Chocolate tasting with the Chocolatier at Rogers Chocolates which also got rave reviews from members. After the event I was invited by Rogers to have a tour of their Chocolate factory which was a great thrill.   Other highlights that summer included the Lantern Festival, Canada Day on the harbor and visits from my mother, cousin Noelle and best friend Sarah. I also enjoyed a Vancouver Island Farm Tour, trip to VancouverTofino and Seattle.

Many thanks to my Aunt Mary for graciously allowing me to spend time with her family. She was so encouraging with my photo snapping and often took me on culinary tourism adventures which were great fun! It was here in Victoria where I first became obsessed with writing and photography…and then came my blog, and the rest is history.

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