Review: Saving Grace, Toronto

At 907 Dundas Street West sits one of Toronto’s favorite West End Brunch spots. Saving Grace is notoriously small restaurant in what used to be a residential home. When I mentioned to friends that I would be eating brunch at Saving Grace people first exclaimed, “prepare for a long line,” followed by, “oh and ya the food is great and worth the wait.”

Mel arrived early and jotted her name down on the reservation list that hangs to the left of the front door. A small curtain wraps around the front door separating the cold of the entrance from the dining room within. Approximately twenty people (mostly lady friends and gays) waited in the cold clutching their Starbucks coffee’s waiting for their names to be called.

We were soon seated in this cozy little restaurant  directly across from the front door. We enjoyed:

poached eggs on parmesan french toast with tomato and arugula

old white cheddar sandwich with bacon, tomato, avocado, lettuce, rosemary mayo on toasted wholewheat raisin bread with greens and potatoes

Arrive early with a coffee in hand. No point in ever arriving at Saving Grace with deadlines. Brunch is supposed to be relaxing anyways right? It’s the weekend! Go with the flow and enjoy your eggs.

#145 restaurant reviewed in Ontario since moving to Toronto in 2010. 

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