Review: Grindhouse Burger Bar, Toronto

Does Toronto have enough “gourmet” (I cringe at the word) Burger joints? If I was on my death bed and asked for one last specialty burger (or heaven forbid one of those Toronto obsessed miniature “sliders”) I may just fall into a perma-comma. I have reviewed pretty much every gourmet burger joint in town. I continue to put BQM (Burger Quality Meats Shoppe) on a pedestal and the rest sort of falls on the ground every which way like a game of pick up sticks.

Grindhouse Burger Bar at King and Peter seems like a hole in the wall restaurant but once you walk into its lengthy interior it provides more space than one would initially expect. The dinning room is set up with several table tops as well as a bar with stools for the sports obsessed (whose eyes remain transfixed on the plasma on the wall and seem to forget to eat with their mouths closed).

The restaurant does a great job encouraging patrons to consider what they eat, as they promote themselves as a restaurant serving locally inspired cuisine. Having said that, my eye brow was raised at the sight of Kangaroo burger. I can’t remember the last time any Canadian’s considered Kangaroo meat a butchers hallmark.

Never-the-less, the restaurant menu does offer some interesting options.

We ordered:

The Grindhouse Burger

signature beef burger

Onion Rings

spiced buttermilk batter and panko crusted

The Forest Floor

veggie burger, soy free

Wild Boar

house minced with hazelnuts and sage, apple and onion chutney, roasted garlic goat cheese and baby arugula

Caesar Salad

crispy romaine, creamy dressing, crouton and parmesan bacon crackling

High-lights: they offer up gluten free burger buns and vegan/vegetarian options which is uncommon at such a venue. This is a great place for carnivores to bring their veggie friends. Find a common ground at Grindhouse.

Low-lights: I was not impressed with my Boar Burger, it was dry. The Caesar Salad dressing tasted like it was dressed in mayonnaise. They seriously need to kick up their dressing, throw in some roasted garlic and lemon juice please. Overall Grindhouse didn’t wow me. If I had to flip a coin I’d opt for a BQM break.

#126 restaurant reviewed in Ontario since moving to Toronto in 2010. 

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