Review: Brunch at Brassaii, Toronto

At King and Brant Street in Toronto’s King West Village sits the stylish Lounge and Restaurant, Brassaii. I really don’t know how to pronounce the restaurants name and have in the past just referred to it as “that Brassy restaurant nestled amidst a romantic cobblestone palazzo with a charming courtyard and bustling outdoor patio.” wink wink, nudge nudge (I’m a stiffler for descriptors). I first encountered Brassaii a few years ago when I was walking down King at night during TIFF and blond bombshell Amanda Seyfried hopped out of a cab, snap snap snap of paparazzi and off she was running down the red carpet on her way to this funky lounge.

“The newly renovated venue contains a café, exposed, robust wine cellar, dining area, chic bar and lounge space, as well as an events room for private bookings. Brassaii is a visual expression in early French Renaissance details married with modern, progressive SOHO inspired design innovations. The Brassaii experience is portraiture of decadent, VIP luxury, while maintaining a warm, classic, celebratory environment.”

I visited Brassaii for brunch with Chef Luke Kennedy and Meaghan Lamb. We arrived on a cold winters afternoon and were seated in the main dining room. The restaurant was well lit at noon, half full of hungry patrons and decorated with festive Christmas wreaths and poinsettias.

We ordered the following:


You know: espresso black, cold, from Ireland.

Harvey Wallbanger

Smirnoff vodka, freshly squeezed orange juice, Galliano.

Brassaii Mimosa

Sparkling wine, peach schnapps and freshly squeezed orange juice.

Mini Muffins

basket of mini chocolate chip muffins served with whipped butter

Sugared Donuts

Caramel sauce and chocolate sauce


two poached eggs, peameal bacon, hollandaise sauce, english muffin served with fruit salad and home fries muddled with bacon bits


3 egg omelette, diced tomato, guacamole, home fries, bacon, toast

Croque Monsieur

grilled sandwich, ham, gruyere cheese, bechamel

The muffins, omelette, benedict and croque were mediocre. Drinks were delightful, however we were upset when we ordered the Blue Collar Mimosa  (Blanch de Chambly with fresh squeezed orange juice) and were informed that the restaurant no longer serves this beverage. If it’s on the menu and you are unable to serve it to your guests it is suggested that waitstaff  inform the table as menu’s are handed out so that hopes are not so quickly deflated. Luke’s Omelette when placed in front of him was made only of egg white (he is a lover of yolk) and had to be sent back to the kitchen which was not ideal.

Our final impressions of Brassaii brunch were that the donuts were stellar (I could have eaten 100’s of them dunked in Caramel) and that the venue is a classy one. Meaghan commented, “Oh how I’d love to get married here.” Luke responded with a quick roll of the eyes.

#124 restaurant reviewed in Ontario since moving to Toronto in 2010. 

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