Review: Le Pain Quotidien, Toronto

At 18 Yorkville on the corner of Yonge sits a cozy little Belgian-Franco restaurant which proclaims itself as a Bakery and Communal table. This Belgian chain has restaurants across the world and the Toronto location sits directly across from the Cookbook Store. The restaurant is a cozy little spot perfect for meeting up with friends to lose yourself in a bit of French Gastronomy.

Today was Toronto’s first true snow fall. I was feeling very festive as clumps of soft flakes wafted through the sky. Running in from the cold I found Clare and exchanged frigid hello’s. At the entrance of the place I was greeted by a glass case of pastries filled with little tartlets shining with gelatinized fruits and creams. The wall behind the counter is covered in about ten varieties of French bread. In the main dining room there is a massive communal table where strangers can sit together and enjoy a meal. I seriously need to think of starting a Gay Singles Le Pain Quotidien weekly get together: note to self.

We were seated at a nice little table at the entrance surrounded by windows overlooking Yonge Street. I could see people running about with their pink Holt Renfrew bags and botoxed lips: tis’ the season! Once seated we ordered Belgian Hot Chocolate. The beverage is served as a small bowl of steamed milk with a little metal spout filled with Belgian Dark Chocolate which you add in and swirl with great delight. I did my typical panorama of pictures while seated…and was then quickly told by my server that I was not permitted to take any pictures inside the restaurant. I was sort of in shock but Clare and I both laughed, how French of them. I had to take the rest of my pictures with my Blackberry. I snapped shots a la faux texting while Clare was on the lookout for any passing servers.

We spent the next few hours enjoying the following:

Quiche Lorraine

with paris ham, gruyere and leeks

Bakers Basket

baguette, wheat, rye, walnut, five grain with raisins, served with butter, Hazelnut Praline spread and Raspberry preserves

Chocolate croissant

Almond meringue

#123 restaurant reviewed in Ontario since moving to Toronto in 2010. 

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