Review: Tinto Coffee House, Toronto

At 89 Roncesvalles Avenue sits Tinto Coffee House, a spacious cafe which appears to be the hoods favorite spot to meet with friends. The restaurant owner is clearly keen on organic and free trade products. The menu had me a bit perplexed. The theme seemed a bit odd to me as the majority of menu items had a latino/mexicana theme and the cafe side of things featured coffee and tea with traditional Canadiana bakery products such as brownies, cookies and cake.

I don’t know about you…but after eating a plate full of nachos the last thing I want to order is a large latte and slice of chocolate cake. Why not indulge us in Mexican deep fried ice cream or cakes lathered in dulce de leche?

I was humored by the cafes labels. When I peered over the sweet tooth booth I read “Ginger Root Snaps, $1.10, Home-made, Ingredients are: 89% Organic and 15% Fair Trade.” Why on earth would I want to eat an 89% organic cookie? And what is in this other 11 percent that is not so organic? Worse…why is my cooking only 15% fair trade? Why even publicize this information?

I ended up ordering a latte with jumbo chocolate chip cookie which rang in just under $7. Nothing overly impressed me. Perhaps I should pop by later to better judge their latino offerings. Perhaps there 56% Organic and 29% Fair Trade Tacos are to DIE for?!

#58 restaurant reviewed in Ontario since moving to Toronto in 2010. 

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