Review: The Rainbow Cafe, Toronto

We walked all around Church Street looking for a pub to have lunch while watching the Gold Medal Olympic Mens Hockey Game: USA vs Canada. We were thrown out of two pubs as signs read “Hockey Game FULL!” Our last hope was a table at The Rainbow Cafe where we munched on pub food and drank down Keiths Red.

Seconds away from the end of the game the American’s scored and left us with a tie situation (note my impeccable sports banter) …We had to dart out the door as we were running to Buddy’s for a theater performance for the Rhubarb Festival.

Sitting in the theater waiting for the show to start Erica’s father messaged her on her Blackberry to announce that Canada had won!  She announced to the audience that we had won and everyone cheered in their seats! It’s amazing how patriotic the Olympics can make Canadians!  During the actual performance we could hear honking and screams on Yonge Streeet.

Once the show had ended we joined a crazy mass of red and white drunken sports fans who massed at Dundas Square. Cheers, Oh Canada, Party in My Country.

#371 restaurant reviewed in Ontario since moving to Toronto in 2010. 

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