Review: Beer Bistro, Toronto

At 18 King Street East (just past Yonge Street) sits Beer Bistro. I popped in here after work on Friday and ate an early dinner at 5pm. We had first choice as far as tables went…it was funny to note how busy the line up was when we left just after 7pm. So get here early!

The space is divided into three distinct sections. At the entry way is a more rabble rousing crowd of sports fans and chatterboxes: a pub vibe. Closer to the kitchen is the formal dining area. Directly “at” the kitchen are four chef’s table chairs where a select few can sit and watch the cook’s prepare the meals as they eat.

The massive beer menu is organized by sentiment “sociable, quenching, crisp, satisfying, bold, robust and spicy.” I ordered a glass of Konig Ludwig Weiss (try saying that three times fast).

I nibbled on the restaurants concept of “haute corn dogs” which are stuffed with duck confit and cream ale and dipped in pineapple mustard and cherry beer ketchup. We shared a pot of Cheese and Lager Fondue made with aged cheddar, emmental and a hacker-pschorr edelhell.

The corn dogs were an interesting idea but far too greasy and lacked the traditional composure of a real corn dog. They fell apart on the plate and were not as noble as one would expect or desire. The fondue was charming but I make a far superior product so won’t be returning any time soon.

Overall the location boasts a great beer menu and in the future I will return to grab a cold one but will hold off on the edibles unless famished.

#48 restaurant reviewed in Ontario since moving to Toronto in 2010. 

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