Review: The Churchmouse and Firkin, Toronto

The Vancouver Olympics! Finally! Since I do not have a television I thought it best to head to a pub with some friends to watch the opening ceremony as it provides a great patriotic atmosphere! We dined at Churchmouse and Firkin in the Village at Maitland and Church. I ordered a pint of Rickards Red and gobbled up a plate of Butter Chicken.

Once the show started the room got a bit buzzy with excitement! Canadian celebrities came out to sing, read, dance and perform for the world. My favorite part of the show was when the Killer Whales swam across the floor and plumes of misty water puffed above the floor! Heaven save us from our torch lighting skills (what a nail biting moment!)

Watching the show at a gay pub was a unique experience (and a funny one at that). Each time a countries flag was announced the room would fill with chatter about the country with the hottest athletes (Slovenia seems to have won that award) and rather fierce banter regarding which country had the best national uniform. One gentleman screamed when the Irish team marched across the screen, “Why are they wearing lime green, they should have stuck to forest green!”

#304 restaurant reviewed in Ontario since moving to Toronto in 2010. 

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