Review: Buca, Toronto

Buca, simply stated is beautiful and delicious simultaneously in your mouth and outside of your body. The BEST Italian restaurant in Toronto (this place makes Terroni’s look like East Side Mario’s). I enjoyed a celebratory vibe at this meal as I have been hired onto a new job at Bay Street on Richmond working for a business development company! What better way to celebrate than with Italians.

Note: The restaurant is a bit hard to find. It is at 604 King Street West and down a wee bit of an alley. Expect extreme pleasure!

The menu is printed freshly daily and stamped with the days date. The restaurant cures and prepares its own meats, has a “fly-in program” for its flashy cheese menu and serves traditional bowls of pasta and long thin crust pizzas which you slice at the table with silver scissors!

We quaffed sparkling water and nibbled our way through the menu:

The Board: Coppa (cured pork shoulder rubbed with rosemary adn chili, aged 16 weeks, whey-fed, house made), Friulao (mild, nutty, semi-hard cow’s milk cheese), Burrata (soft, cream filled cow’s milk cheese, Fly-in Program), two rustic rolls, figs marinated in balsamic, carrots marinated in roasted garlic and extra virgin, sweet pear compote.

Spaghetti alla Carbonara: bronze die-cut grangnano di napoli pasta with house made guanciale, pecorino and black pepper, tossed tableside with a farm hen’s egg.

Pizze Funghi: marinated hedgehog mushrooms, mascarpone, gorgonzola and marjoram.

#43 restaurant reviewed in Ontario since moving to Toronto in 2010. 

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