Travel to Luzern, Switzerland

I hopped on the one hour train from Bern to Luzern located in central Switzerland at 9am. The train ride was cutesy as it passed through many tiny farms (I believe that dairy cows out number people here). Arriving in Luzeren I was excited as I had read and have been told that the city is the best example of a traditional Swiss village. I was well informed, as soon as I came out of the train station I was standing in front of the famous Kapellbruckemit Wasserturm (a beautiful watch tower connected by a covered flower bridge in the middle of the cities river). I walked through the old town which has many traditional folk art buildings and Swiss chalets. There are many tourist shops selling decorative cow bells, Swiss army knives and Swiss cheese shops as well as bakeries that sell many open faced tarts (sweet such as rhubarb and savory such as bacon and Gruyere). I walked up to the fortress walls and sat down to catch my breath and devoured a Toblerone bar. Three of the watch towers of the “Museggmauer” are open to the public so I walked up two of them which had great views of the city, harbor and Alps. I walked down to the old town again and stopped into Starbucks to satisfy a craving for a mocha banana frappaccino. I then popped by the two major landmarks which include the amazing Lions Monument (a pond sits in front of a huge lion stone carved right out of a mountain) and the splendid cathedral. I embarrassed myself several times in front of groups of people as I took pictures of myself jumping and wrapping myself in a Swiss flag for kicks.

Walking to the ferry dock I strolled down the boardwalk which is full of huge white swans who peck at you from the beach front. I took the ferry for the entire two and a half hour trip to the opposite end of Lake Vierwaldstuttersee. The ferry trip is famous as it passes through four cantons (provinces) and has some of the most stunning scenery in the country (turquoise rivers, looming alp mountains and small cute little Swiss chalet villages). This is considered a glimpse into “primitive Switzerland” as these were the original settlements that date back hundreds of years ago. I sat on the side of the ferry for the entire trip staring out into the vast panorama around me. I packed my lunch full of; Nestle chocolate coconut yogurt, Gruyere cheese, hearth bread and seasoned ham.

I spent about half of the trip with my nose stuck in between the pages of my novel. I was just finishing up the last 100 pages and was entirely engrossed. I have become a romance novel addict. I have this real enjoyment for stories about true love, star crossed lovers (and get so anxious when a predator lover enters the scene and potentially disrupts the couple from solidifying their true love intentions). The end of the book was heart wrenching. I had one of those “speed read moments” as I was dying to find out what would happen so I started to skip through the slow descriptive “I love him but he wont call” gibberish. I am definitely a romantic and when I finished the book at last I wiped the tears from my eyes dry and looked up to see that the ferry had reached the most spectacular stretch of the trip. As if sitting in the bottom of a fishbowl I was surrounded by huge snow covered Alps. It was neat to see all the locals on their yachts and small sail boats. The boat docked in Fluelen and I hopped out and walked around this very small town. I found the train station and waited for the next train to Luzern. Half asleep I put on my ipod and dozed away into dream land. I switched trains in Luzern and hopped on the next train to Bern just as it was scooting off the tracks. I spent the entire evening chilling out at home watching The Daily Show on the Comedynetwork, drinking beer and eating left over gratin. An excellent first day on the solo (I kind of missed being alone, so many more opportunities to discover the beaten track).


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