Review: Ali’s Roti, Toronto

My “cute” little neighbourhood of Parkdale is home to the cities best Roti establishments. Just on one tiny stretch of Queen Street West by Landsdowne there are five Roti restaurants that specialize in different sorts of this classic snack food.

Ali’s Roti (at 1446 Queen Street West) is the oldest Roti shop in town and owned by a smile happy and patriotic gentleman from Trinidad. I was thrilled to eat at this Roti Shop as I have been to Trinidad and missed the flavors of their unique hybrid of Indian, African and Caribbean cuisine.

The restaurant is covered in cutesy/corny ceiling to floor Caribbean murals. The restaurant prepares their own Mango and Coconut Ice Creams and also have a glass display case packed with local sweets and snacks. Ali’s is best known for its traditional Dhalpouri and Paratha roti’s which can be stuffed with chicken, goat, beef, shrimp, conch, duck and fish. Once you choose your meat filling you can add a variety of vegetables such as potato, spinach, pumpkin and eggplant.

I ordered a chicken roti with potato and pumpkin which was seriously a divine (and cheap meal) moment. I also ordered two staples that are unique to this island nation. Trinidadian Doubles are made with two crispy flatbreads filled with a chickpea curry and sweet tamarind sauce.

Two doubles and one massive roti cost me a whooping $13 dollars. Drop by to see Ali and enjoy a bit of Island Love during this chilly winter season.

#19 restaurant reviewed in Ontario since moving to Toronto in 2010. 

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