Review: Korea House, Toronto

At 666 Bloor Street West sits a cutesy little Korean spot worth checking out if you are strolling around in Korea Town. Everyone should know that I lived in Seoul, South Korea for 12 months and became a Korean Cuisine aficionado eating up every morsel on offer (including some gag inducing treats like live octopus, squirms like worms on the plate!). The interior of Korea House made me rather nostalgic, the Soju advertisements reminded me of many a drunken night (and at 2 dollars a bottle in Korea, a cheap one at that). All food is prepared in the kitchen (so do not expect a traditional “grill it yourself” experience.”) Food is delicious and the staff enjoyed that I was trying to brush up on my Korean.

We enjoyed many traditional little bowls of pickled vegetables (kimchi), sliced chestnut jelly and others drenched in chili paste and sesame.  I didn’t realize how much I missed this food!

We ordered the following:

Hite Beer (pronounced high-tugh)

Faeng ben ja jang myun (noodle with fried black bean sauce with diced pork and vegetables)

Kal bi dinner (bbq beef short ribs with rice)

Bul go ki (sliced tender beef marinated in pear juice with rice)

#12 restaurant reviewed in Ontario since moving to Toronto in 2010. 

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