Review: Czehoski, Toronto

At 678 Queen Street West sits a fantastical restaurant with a Czech in its step, Czehoski (cha hos key). A Czech butcher shop and deli for more than 75 years…now a hip restaurant and bar on Queen Street West. Today the space offers a hip and contemporary dining experience with a blend of downtown sophistication and heritage warmth. The chef flirts with standard Western Cuisine that reflect a love for classic comfort foods.

On my first visit to Czehoski I glanced through the menu, made my decisions and when the waitress arrived was delighted to hear that for one night only the chef was offering, Dolly. Dolly apparently was the pig he had been taking care of for years and had recently butchered. The age old rumor that a pet once loved tastes better than farmed cattle is indeed true! It’s important to have a relationship with the food you are eating.

I enjoyed the restaurants poutine (which assert is one of the best three in the city), mac n cheese (which is served with chorizo sausage and lima beans), and Dolly which was a cut of our pet pig with beans, cabbage and a sweet sauce that left the tongue feeling of velvet.

#6 restaurant reviewed in Ontario since moving to Toronto in 2010. 

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